Produkte von Pierre Peters

Pierre Peters is a master of terroir, their Champagnes offer precise reflections of the terroirs of the Côte de Blancs.
What is perhaps interesting with this winery, they consider pH to be a better indicator of balance rather than the acidity. for this reason they alwys aim for low pH as they maintain low pH is the best method of getting mineral driven champagnes.
The still wines are kept on the lees for a long time after the first fermentation, the lees keep the wines fresh and alive and reduces the amount of sulfur required.
Another key to Pierre Peters outstanding quality is the way they handle their reserve wines. Only the best wines are added each year to the Solera. The Solera was started in 1988 and every vintage has been added since with the exception of 1999 and 2003. To maintain freshness in the Solera, the reserve wines are kept on the fine lees and at a constant temperature of 13-14°C in a steel tank. 
The key signatures of Pierre Peters champagnes are precision, minerality, elegance and depth. The reserve wines bring complexity.

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