We want to make champagne as affordable as possible!


As a private customer the disparity in prices when buying Champagne and Burgundy in the respective regions and in buying the same champagne or wine in Germany  mind blowing. How can a bottles of entry level champagne cost 29 € in a wine shop or 39 € in a restaurant in the Champagne and the german importer charges for exactly the same bottle 49,90 €. For this reason I can understand why consumers fail to get excited by such champagnes as the price is quite simply out of sync with the quality. The same applies to Burgundy, a simple Rully which I am particularly cost 17,00 € in a wine shop in Chassagne Montrachet and the german importer charges 29,50 € for exactly the same bottle, how can such a mark up be justified.

I am lucky in that I live close to the french border, I can do a day trip to  Burgundy or the Champagne, have a nice meal, fill the car with wines or champagnes and return home on the same day. Not everybody has this advantage, but it should not be the case that those living to far away to do such trips with regularity should have to pay inflationary prices for wines and champagnes.

The internet has obvuiously changed the dynamic in the wine markets, customer unhappy with german prices can now buy in France, where the prices in general are more realistic. Due to our contacts, it is possible to work with french wholesalers and producers and we hope sell champagne and wines from Burgundy with fair prices. 

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of grower champagnes with competitive prices. We only sell the latest degorgements sourced direct from the producers. With us you have the chance to purchase top champagnes from the likes of Egly-Ouriet, Bereche or Agrapart, also difficult to source champagnes from Marie Neolle Ledru and Ulysse Colin. We have very good contacts in the region and have an eye for the producers of tomorrow. If you require advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We send to all european countries.