Ulysse Collin, Cedric Bouchard and Ruppert-Leroy

Each week we receive numerous emails asking if we have Ulysse Collin or Cedric Bouchard, and if not, when are we going to receive the next allocation. It seems in the future Ulysse Collin does not want to continue our allocation and as for Cedric Bouchard, we were too late to the party.
Last week we received for the first time a small allocation of champagne from Ruppert-Leroy, on tasting we were unanimously of the opinion, these champagnes come as closer to Cedric Bouchard than any other champagnes out there we have tasted. 
One of the tasters posted a picture of the champagnes on Instagram. the next day a parisian visitor turned up at his shop, saying, "I see you have Ruppert-Leroy, I love Cedric Bouchard and for me Ruppert-Leroy is  the only producer, who comes close to Bouchards champagnes"
He wanted to buy all the stock available, which was limited. Realising  our order was too small, we immediately placed a second order. We very rarely recommend producers, but in this case, if you like Cedric Bouchard, we would strongly recommend trying this producer.