Rully Pucelles 2018 Paul and Marie Jacqueson

2014 on a visit to my favourite wine shop, Caveau de Chassagne Montrachet, one of the Sommeliers recommended the white Rully Pucelles from Jacquesson. The price was 17,00 €. The wine was bursting with minerality, nice acidity and a good finish. The next day I decided to visit the winery and see if I could get a good quantity, as the price in burgundy terms was to good to be true.

The Côte Chalonnaise has a rural feel, Rully itself although quite big, has no real infrastructure to speak of. The Winery is in a modern building, on the door it says visitors are welcome. Marie Jacquesson was as is typical of the region, niether friendly or unfriendly, I got to taste through the complete selection. The whites were all very good, more mineral driven than fruit driven, perhaps lacking the tension of the top quality whites of the côte de beaune, but the price compensated. The reds were more difficult to assess, initially very tight and tart, they need to be opened a day in advance to truly show their potential.

Since then I have followed this winery with a lot of interest. As the prices in the Côte de Beaune increase regardless of the quality in the bottle, more customers, especially local customers are turning to these satellite regions in search of wines where the price reflects the quality. As more money flows into the region, the quality improves, The prices have also increased, considering the quality the increase is not inflationary.

Last week I had the chance to taste the 2018 Pucelles. Pucelles "the maiden" has a small quantity of red clay in the limestone, which gives the wines a bit more body. Blind I could have mistaken the Pucelle for a Chassagne Montrachet, the vintage has a certian richness; although young the wine was quite open, citrus, tropical fruits, passion fruit, nice minerality and acidity give balance and prevent the wine from feeling plump. This wine will definetly improve over the next 3-4 years.


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