Newsletter Oktober 2020 English

Although we only have less than 250 Champagnes and wines in our selection, we are never the less really pleased to have received the bronze award for Baden-Württemberg from Wine-Searcher for our champagne and burgundy lists. It is for us a confirmation that we are on the right path in prioritising grower producers in the Champagne and burgundy producers, who offer good quality for sensible prices.



As we expected the effects of Covid 19 are starting to effect the wine market. Most producer sell roughly 40% to trade, 40% to restaurants and 20% to private clients. 2020 has shown that trade sales and client sales have been constant. Restaurants however due to the uncertainty in the present climate are not buying. Burgundy has been also affected by the lack of american tourists, who are prepared to spend large amounts on wines , that are cheaply priced in Europe in comparison to the high prices in the USA.

Numerous producer where it was in the past difficult or impossible to get allocations are starting to be more receptive to selling wines to us.

With champagne, the big houses are most affected, alongside Covid 19, Brexit has had a negative result on their sales. Grower producers have not been affected so much.


Special offer in October


Bertrand Delespierre

Chantal Delespierre and Didier Bertrand produce champagnes in which the terroir takes precedence. Their plots are located in the Montagny de Reims in Chamery, Ecueil, Villedommange and Montbré. The proportion of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay is roughly equal.


Their approach is interesting, the first fermentation takes place in steel and enamel tanks and a small percentage in wood for complexity. The malolactic is blocked, resulting in a fantastic freshness in your champagnes. The prices of these champagnes are deceptive, the quality is fantastic. For this reason we are offering at a special introductory price their Enfant de la Montagne (46% Pinot Noir, 36% Chardonnay, 18% Pinot Meunier, dosage: 5g/l) for 27,90 €

The vintage 2013

Terroir is not only about soil, climate, enviroment but also about expressing the individuality of the vintage. 2013 was a challenging vintage in the champagne, the spring was cold and damp causing late flowering, coulure and millerandage were problems. The summer was cool and ripening was slow. The Champagne with the exception of Aube did not suffer the same damage from the violent storms in late summer as Bordeaux, Burgundy or the Loire did. The harvest in in contrast to today's harvests was late, taking place in mid September/October. This late harvest has resulted in champagnes full of freshness/acidity and tension, in other words a perfect year for vintage champagnes with long ageing possibilities.

The 2013's are starting to come on to the market. Two champagne in our selection that we can recommend are:

Bertrand Delespierre Champagne L'Ame 2013 1er cru. A blend of a third each of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Aged for 48 months on the lees and with a dosage of 3g/l. Bertrand Delespierre are one of the few producers who block the malolactic feremntation in their champagnes and try to avoid wood contact. For this reason the 2013 is fresh, complex, the minerality is present and has good depth. A champagne to drink now or to lay down for a few years. Due to the fact that this is a new and relatively unknown winery the price 31,90 € for such a vintage champagne is extraordinary.

Lacourte Godbillon's 1er Cru Millésime 2013 (60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay/degorgement 20.11.2020) is still embryonic, the acidity is dominant. After about two hours the Pinot Noir and the mineral elements start to come more to the forefront. A champagne with great depth, complexity and potential. Will benefit from a few years in the cellar or if drinking now I would recommend opening in advance, decanting or drinking from a burgundy glass.



The new releases from Egly-Ouriet have arrived. Due to the reviews form William Kelley from Parker and the resulting international demand for his champagnes, Egly-Ouriet has increased the prices. His benchmark has become the selling prices in USA. We have tried to keep the prices as humanly low as possible. Quantities are limited.


Francois Lamarche, Burgund

Over the coming weeks we will be adding a number of new Burgundy producers to our portfolio. One we are particularly proud of is Francois Lamarche. Lamarche owns the famous La Grand Rue adjacent to Romanée Conti and numerous presitgious holdings in Vosne Romanée. We have managed to secure a large allocation of their Bourgogne Rouge 2018. The grapes for the Bourgogne Rouge all come from the Vosne Romanée Appellation and as is the custom of producers with good reputations, they take great care of their entry level wines and for this reason these wines offer often the best value for moneyin their sortiment.

We can off Bourgogne Rouge 2018 for the fantastic price of 19,95€