The 2012 and 2013 Vintage in the Champagne.

The 2012 vintage has been hyped up a lot by journalist and critics alike, 2013 to use Jancis Robinsons words "pales in comparison". A number of customers have contacted us reporting their disappointment with the 2012 vintage and expressing surprise at the flaunted comparisons, similiar to 2002, best vintage since 2008.
If it was so easy to make such general pronouncements in matters of taste. 2012 probably produced the better Pinot Noir, the August and weather at harvest rescued the vintage. For Chardonnay 2012 is difficult, if you like big, rich, fruit forward Chardonnays 2012 is the vintage for you. If you are looking for more minerality, acidity and precision you will be better off skipping 2012 and buying 2013. Guiborat for example will not release a vintage Chardonay Champagne for 2012 but will release one for 2013, saying 2012 does not meet their standards.