Happy New Year!

Wine as part of an investment portfolio is relatively new phenomen. Last year a number of wine investments funds based in London recommended in making an addition of 10% Champagne to wine portfolios. The champagnes recommended as investments were Bollinger, Dom Perignon, Krug, Roederer, Philipponnat, Pol Roger, Ruinart, Salon and Taittinger. Grower producers played a miniscule role, receommended were Selosse, Ulysse Collin and Reflet d'Antan from Bereche. Egly-Ouriet was not mentioned.

At the time the consequences of Covid could not have been imagined and the outcome of the Brexit was unknown.

Last week I received an Outlook 2021 report making predictions for 2021 and a resumée of 2020.

Well champagne did not perform as expected, their was a 8% return instead of the 10% predicted, a repeat is not expected in 2021. The sobering resumée was champagnes prices will rise as more and more of these bottles are drunk and their scarcity increases. I do not think one has to the manager of such a fund to pronounce such a wisdom. Interestingly grower champagne was seen as underperforming, no reasons were given.

From our perspective the producers where demand is extreme are Ulysse Collin, Ledru and Emanuel Brochet. Every week I receive emails asking when do I get them and how many bottles can I buy. This year we received Ulysse Collin but did not sell it over the shop but instead via Newsletter to regular customers. This year we will do the same with Ledru and Brochet. Regular customers, who subscribe to the newsletter will receive prior notice and a better price than will later be offered on the shop. New releases will be also be offered a week in advance via the Newsletter with significantly advantageous discounts which will not be offered on the shop.


Producers arriving soon



Benoit Lahye
Emanuel Brochet


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