Great expectations: Domaine des Sables Verts

To my shame in roughly 25 years of wine drinking I never really bothered with the wines of the Loire apart from Nicolas Joly and Clos Rougeard. Three years ago this changed due to a tasting I participated in where the quality of the wines in contrast to the ridiculously low prices astounded me.
Due to it spread out geography and  the difficulty in obtaining the wines in Germany, it is not an easy region to acquaint oneself with. There are names like Clos Rougeard, Daguenau and Nicolas Joly which are known all over the world, but even world class producers like Jacky Blot and Guiberteau are still well kept secrets. Continuing my exploration of this region, I had the chance to taste a wine from a new winery Domaine des Sables Verts situated in Varrains yesterday.
Saumur Blanc 2019 Domaine des Sable Verts; the wine had only been bottled a week before and although this was obvious, the wine shined. A floral nose with crushed apples and camomile blossom. On the palate the minerality is obvious, oyster like salinity, vermouth reduction  and for Chenin typical juicy green apple aromas, the acidity is mild with enough to make this wine really interesting. The taste lingers on the back palate for ages. With time as the wine warmed up, the wine became more balanced, the apple aromas, salty minerality and delicate acidity intertwined. In fact the keywords for this wine  are balance and persistence, the aromas linger for an eternity on the palate.
At the moment I do not know much about the winery; this is their first vintage. the owners Caroline Meurée & Hervé Malinge have gained experience working in Bordeaux and are lovers of fine wines.
What I do know, this is probably the best first wine I have tasted from a winery, if you know the whites of Jacky Blot/Taille aux Loup or the Chassagnes Montrachets of Ramonet, this is very similiar in style. Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect, this wine will cost between 10 and 12 €. In my humble estimation this wine should cost 20-25€.
They also have three Red wines, all Cabernet Franc, or cabernet as they say in the Loire.
I am hoping to get the first Red Le Gouglou  in June, the other two Les Poyeux and Chaintres are still in Barrel. To use a clichéd expression, this is a winery where we can expect great things.