Givry Sous la Roche 2018

I first visited Michel Sarrazin in 2014. I waqs staying at a hotel in Meursault and in a conversation with the hotel owner, Sarrazin was mentioned as a a producer, who was popular with local customers due to quality and price. His cellar took quite some finding due to diversions. My first impression, especially om seeing the prices was of astonishment. The wines then were a bit rustical, not polished but had good minerality and acidity , perfect to drink with rich burgundian dishes like Coq au vin, Beouf bourguinon or cheeses like Epoisses.

I have followed him since. The Côte Chalonnaise has definetly profited from the climate getting warmer but alos from consumers looking for affordable, drinkable wines which one can open even on a weekday. As more money has poured into the region, the producer have more assets to invest in their business, the resulting jump in quality is fascinating to follow and thankfully the rgion still remains a secret.

Sarrazins Givry Sous la Roche 2018 is open from the beginning, nice floral pinot nose with hints of raspberries. Colour is dark but still transparent. For those looking for a pinot experience, this is one of those wines, red fruited, velvety, with time a hint of spice. At first ephermal with more air  the wine wins in structure, soft acidity and  tannins, better on the second day. This wine would give many Volnays a run for their money.