Food pairing with Champagne

Outside of the Champagne and perhaps in Italy it is seldom that someone would order a bottle of champagne or a sparkling wine in a restaurant to accompany a meal. This is really a shame, as especially producer champagne is extremely flexible and works with a great number of foods.


Sommeliers outside of the Champagne have never really developed an interest in this genre, exclusive names are offered as an aperitif, but the notion of taking take this further and offering a tasting menü has not caught on.


Champagne is a very general name for a very complex region with a vast diversity of terroirs and producers with a multitude of philosophies on how champagne should be made. Understandig the complexity of this region is a mamouth but also a fascinating task. Pairing everyday dishes with a bottle of champagne instead of a bottle of wine may help this development and greatly increase the appreciation of this region.


In consideration of how much a bottle of 1er Cru burgundy cost or a GG Riesling, champagne offers a reasonably priced alternative, with the advantage that one is buying a wine aged in the producers cellar and released at the point where the producer considers is the optimal drinking window.

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