Coteaux Champenois English

Before the Chamapgne region become famous for sparkling wine, it was renowned for its still wines. The kings of France were crowned in Reims and the wines used for the consecration came were champagne wines. Ther was also times when the still wines of the region were more popular in Paris than the wines of Burgundy. 

Today produces still make still wines called Coteaux Champenois, production is minimal and they are more for wine geeks rather than for widespread consumption. Prices are also a big stumbling block, many producers feel they have to price their Coteauxs in the same range as their champagnes, otherwise there would be a loss of face. Are they actually worth the price, difficult to say, in some cases yes, in other cases, Burgundy offers better value, which one can rarely say these days.


A personal favourite is Pouillon's Coteaux Champenois Mareuil Rouge 2018 Corriere d'Athis, 100% Pinot Noir, 14 days maceration and 18 months elevage. The recommendation is to wait 2 or 3 years. Colour is quite dark, cassis like, lovely perfumed nose, violets, cassis, musk, minimal hint of vanilla, with time more savoury notes develop. If your looking for muscle, these are not the wines to go for. Light to medium bodied, this wine impresses with the pandora box of aromas rather than its body. Cassis, dried orange peel, subliminal nuances of spices, with time the coteuax deepens, truffle, sous-bois, smokey aromas. A beautifully crafted Pinot Noir, one of the best I have tasted from the 2018 vintage, Burgundy included.