Côte Chalonnais 2019. An excellent vintage

Over the years I have drunk a number of wines from the côte Chalonnaise without really getting excited about them. On a visit to Burgundy a sommelier at Caveau du Chassagne Montrachet, recommended I try a white Rully from P & M Jacquesson. The wine was fantastic and costed only 17 € at the time. That same evening talking to the patron of the hotel, I was staying at, he recommended Sarrazin in Givry. He explained the wines of the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits were getting to expensive for many locals and they were looking especially in the côte Chalonnaise for payable alternatives. This corresponded with what the sommelier said, more and more local customers are looking for cheaper alternatives to the Côtes de Nuits or Côte de Beaune. The producers were earning more money and could invest and in turn quality was on the rise.

Jasper Morris writes in Inside Burgundy, in the Côte Chalonnaise there is not a stand out producer,

who would act as a locomotive for the region. This is perhaps an advantage for the customer, prices have increased over the last few years but relative to quality this is acceptable.

2018 was a fantastic year for the Chalonnaise, 2019 not so. Due to frost on the 5th of April and then an extreme dry period between the end of June and the beginning of September, a lot of the crop was lost. These are the figures from P&M Jacqueson

Rully Blanc : moins 40%

Rully 1er Crus Blancs (Margotés, Raclot, Grésigny): moins 45%

Rully 1er Cru la Pucelle : moins 60%

Rully 1er Cru Cloux : moins 50% 

Mercurey Grillots Blanc + Grillots rouge + Mercurey les Vaux : moins 70%

Tous les autres rouges, Mercurey 1ers Crus, Rully Village, Préaux = moins 35%

The quality however of the wines are as good as 2018, perhaps a tick more tannic and not so open in the early stages. I think with some cellaring and when the baby fat is lost, these will be remarkable  wines. Unfortunately quantity is limited so for those interested I would advise not waiting too long.