Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut Eric Rodez, Ambonnay

Eric Rodez was introduced to me as a potential substitute for Egly-Ouriet. Well the prices are not at the same level as Egly-Ouriet and alas quality and style wise, I think Egly-Ouriet has nothing to fear.

With the Blanc de Noir, 70% of the base wines comes from Barrique,and about 60% is reserve wine from 5 to 6 vintages. The champagne has a rich golden colour, aggresive mousse, nose is typical for Ambonnay, lots of red fruits and hints of spice. The Champagne is Brut with 5g/l dosage. On the palate the initial impression is of tartness, not the pleasant kind. With time red fruits come through, dominant red currants and cranberries tones, subtly in the background, sour cherries, a hint of cocoa and spices.
This champagne has power, it ouzes Ambonnay, the finish is long, I however do not see this in this case as positive. It seems the producer has sacrfiiced balance for power.

Not an overtly complex or nuanced champagne, in fact lacks a sense of harmony, would go so far as to say disjointed. Considering the price, I would personally say there are better champagnes out there with a lesser price tag.