A Pinot Blanc from Burgundy and a Pinot Noir from Champagne. Wines for geeks.

Henri Gouge's NSG Perrière 2015, a 100% Pinot Blanc is probably to my surprise the best Pinot Blanc I have tasted.The wine has at first an obvious oak nose, with spring blossom and herbs in the background.
The colour is golden. The palate takes getting used to, stone fruit, white peaches, herbal elements, estragon/chervil, medium acidity, quite complex and an amazing finish. At the price this is a wine for wine geeks, there are plenty of chardonnays with equal depth for less money, never the less, a big wine that is worth trying at least once.

Coteaux Champenois are never going to find a large audience. They are interesting for sommeliers, who want to surprise their guests with an unusual menu pairing and also for champagne geeks. When tasting a Coteaux the first thing to take into consideration, Champagne producers are looking for other aromatics in their still wines/vin claires than say a producer from Burgundy in their chardonnays and pinot noirs. Mouzon-Leroux's Pinot Noir Coteaux Champenois 2015 is no exception.
When first opened the wine comes across as dark and brooding, even the colour is extremely dark. On the second day the wine becomes more ethereal; typical aromas of amarena cherries and cocoa come to the fore. Although the wine has  inherent power and depth, it is still very elegant.
At the price point, ca. 50 € I do not see a market for this wine. Interesting to taste but not a wine I would want to try again.