A New Way to Think About Wine Tasting

What Most People Believe

Most experts try to identify each smell and taste in a wine. This is how wine courses teach us and how most wines get their ratings. But this method ignores other qualities that long-time wine lovers talk about, like harmony or complexity.

A Different Perspective

New research says that tasting wine is more about how everything comes together. The way we smell and taste wine is a mix of many different senses and even our own thoughts and memories.

Science Backs It Up

Studies show that we're not great at identifying individual smells. In fact, when there are three or more smells mixed together, almost no one can identify each one. This suggests our sense of smell works by blending scents together, not breaking them apart.

Your Brain Plays a Big Part

It turns out our brains are very involved when we smell something. So, when you're tasting wine, you're not just identifying scents; you're actually experiencing them as a whole in a very complex way, similar to how you recognize someone's face.

What This Means for Wine Lovers

This new way of thinking may change how we talk about and rate wines. It tells us that enjoying wine is not just about identifying specific flavors but understanding it as a complex, full experience.


New research is showing us that wine tasting is more about the whole experience than breaking it down into parts. This opens up new, exciting ways to talk about and enjoy wine.